This design is similar to a regular King Arthur, but the long arm is bent 90 degrees forward. the long arm is about three times the axle height, and both the short arm and the CW hangar are about equal to axle height. the arm is usually hinged at the axle and supported by a guy wire from the tip of the long arm to the tip of the short arm to protect the long arm from shock loads generated when the cw hits the ground, the long arm is then stopped by an arm stop similar to the one on an onager. this is especially important during a dry fire.


Power Source



  • large cw drop for given frame height
  • incredibly low frame stresses
  • nothing passes under frame so it can have a very short axle span without complex joinery
  • arm easy to add guy wires


  • large arm needed
  • light arm needed
  • doesn't handle well mass ratios over 75:1


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Very Crude Simulation (Uses Algodoo)

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