Site FAQ

What is this site about?

This site is about hurling. Hurling is the act of throwing something with a hurling device, often called a catapult.

Who maintains this site?

This site is a wiki, and therefore the content is maintained by the users. The administrator, Craig, manages the non-content related aspects such as appearance, permissions, and settings as well as writing content.

What this site's relation to TheHurl.Org?

This site is simply an information database for the hurl. The Hurl message board is the home of all of our hurling discussions. The hurl is also the host for our image galleries and files.

What can I do here?

You are free to edit any of the content. A history of changes is available in case any mistakes are made while editing. You can discuss the content concept of this site on the Forum and ask questions about how to edit and modify pages.

What can I do about the pages on this site?

You can edit pages as you see fit, but please try to have a neutral point of view portrayed in the text. You can discuss any page on the forum by pressing the discuss button at the bottom of the page. Feel free to discuss ideas for changes and additions to the page.

What are the limits on this site?

Wikidot places few limits on this site. We can have unlimited pages. The only major restriction is the 100 mb of space for uploaded files. Because of this, please keep large files such as videos on external hosts. You can host files on TheHurl.Org and link to them if needed.

Can I make pages only I can edit?

Yes. Just create the page in the personal category by starting the name with "personal:" This might be useful for topics about your own projects, plans and such. If you want to keep up to date information about your team it could be here too. Basically any place where you would want to use the first person should be in the personal section, where only you can edit it.

How to the pictures work?

See the pictures page.

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