Our pictures are stored in our Flickr group. The pictures are tagged with "thehurl" and all other relevant tags. This automatically embeds the pictures on the relevant pages. If you want to add pictures, all you have to do is upload them to Flickr, add them to TheHurl Pool and add some tags. If you just add them to the pool and don't tag them, they will be tagged for you by other readers eventually. The pictures are then (after an hour or so) displayed on all the appropriate pages based on their tags. The pages that have the image galleries use the flickr gallery module. The code trebuchets like this:

[[module FlickrGallery tags="trebuchets, TheHurl" tagMode="all"]]

If you have a large number of photos you want to make available (Even hundreds!), consider uploading them. You can use some of the desktop based up-loader applications.

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