A trigger is a device used to release something. They are usually used to allow the operator of a machine to launch it from a safe distance. Sometimes the trigger holds the arm down, or in some cases, holds the counterweight up, or does something different such as the primary trigger on a King Arthur trebuchet.


The load on a trigger is generally the tension applied to it. To minimize the load on a trigger holding an arm, make sure the trigger is perpendicular to the arm and in the plane of rotation.

Types of Triggers

A nice collection of triggers can be found here.


There are many types of inline triggers. Many are available for sale, see purchasing triggers. Sometimes they are referred to as a quick release.
A nice general purpose inline design is Ted's Trigger

Ballista Triggers

Ballista generally use crossbow style triggers. Ballista triggers are special in the respect that they must allow the arrow or sling to be present.


To the right are some pictures of a possible inline Ballista trigger design.


Siege Triggers Page
Ripcord's Triggers Page

Purchasing Triggers sells a few great triggers. They are listed below:

Name and Link Max Load Length Price Picture
Small Snap Shackle 40 lbs 1 5/8" $10.95
Large Snap Shackle 90 lbs 2 1/4" $12.95
Bronze Pelican Hook 80 lbs 4" $10.95
Chrome Pelican Hook 80 lbs 4" $11.95
Sliding Release 160 lbs 4" $8.95

For higher load triggers try the Sea Catch.

Below are some sponsored links that may potentially go to sites that sell triggers or quick releases:


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