Informative Sites

Hurling Forums
The Hurling Forums, replacing (now closed), a hurling Message Board. The place for hurling questions and discussions.
Ripcords Trebuchet stuff
Great information for the various aspects of trebuchet design, construction and tuning. Also free detailed plans.
Knight's Armoury
The best historically accurate ballista information available along with lots of other information.
Super Trebuchets
About large trebuchets; specifically King Arthur and Merlin.
A variety of information about all aspects of hurling with some great designs.
Thomas's Trebs on the Web
Great information on whippers but also some good information for other trebuchet types and the Unisling.
Old Catapult Message Board
No longer active but lots of discussions to look through.
The Grey Company Trebuchet Page
An Australian site with a large variety of information.
The Algorithmic Beauty of the Trebuchet
A nice cross platform (Windows and Mac) frictionless simulator and some in depth math.
RLT Industries
Ron's hub page. Links to his many great sites including kits, plans and lots of other stuff.
Mad Splatter - The making of a trebuchet
Lots of pictures with descriptions detailing the construction and events with their trebuchet. Some nice movies too.
Onager Online
The home of Onager.
Chinese Siege Warfare
中国攻城兵器图史 - Chinese Siege Warfare Mechanical Artillery & Siege Weapons of Antiquity - An Illustrated History
The home of Team Urban Siege, creators of Medieval Postal Service and NASAW.

Competition Sites

Burlington Pumpkin Pitch
Early October or late September in Burlington Washington.
Wold Championship Pumpkin Chuck
Wold Championship Pumpkin chuck in Delaware.
Wikipedia: Pumpkin Chucking
Pumpkin Chucking on Wikipedia. Could use some improvements.
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