Around the world, there are many hurling competitions. Most of the major ones involve hurling pumpkins, usually 8-10 pound ones.

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chucky 3 ready for 2012

category: Contests / World Championship Pumpkin Chuck
28 Sep 2012 04:20

chucky 3 has a couple of new things up her sleaves. some safety, some logistics and ease of operation and of course performance. we are realy looking foward to great year of fun comraderie taking down those damn cannons!

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World Championship Cabbage Chuck

category: Contests / Other Contests
29 Jan 2009 17:51

As the name suggests this competition throws cabbages instead of pumpkins. This was done because the town of Shiocton has a sauerkraut factory causing the local farmers to grow a lot more cabbages than pumpkins. The competition hosts all types of hurling machines. In the past they have had about ten to fifteen different trebuchets, broken into medieval and modern categories with prizes being handed out for both, one catapult, and the big feature air cannons. Each year there have been three air cannons at the event all being run by the Peeters Boyz Toyz team. The main cannon has a 60' barrel and shoots cabbages around 1500' and bowling balls 1.5 miles. (They were actually unable to find the bowling ball but a few months later a hunter was walking around the woods and saw it laying there) The competition is broken into two parts. In the morning there is a distance competition and in the afternoon taget shooting. In the target portion they have sponsored targets set up in various locations and you receive $50 per target you hit. Here is a link to a video shot at the event

If you wish to compete in the event email moc.rr.wen|sinedtapts#moc.rr.wen|sinedtapts

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Burlington 2008

category: Contests / Burlington Pumpkin Pitch
29 Sep 2008 05:28

More results to come.

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Burlington 2007

category: Contests / Burlington Pumpkin Pitch
20 Oct 2007 04:58


Footage from the pitch setup, practice and competition.


The official results for the Burlington Pumpkin Pitch

Team Awards

Competitive Division

  • 1st Place
    • TreBarbaric, Sedro Woolley- 1866.8ft "New World Record"
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place
    • Siege Perilous, Kingston, WA-999.6ft

Recreational Division

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
    • MiXeD NuTS, Everett, WA-471.9ft
  • 3rd Place
    • U.F.O., Burlington-432.2ft
  • 4th Place
    • Ally-Oop, Surrey, B.C.-395.2ft
  • 5th Place
    • Trebasaurus, Mount Vernon-375ft
  • 6th Place


See the Burlington Pumpkin Pitch Page.
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