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Welcome to The Hurl Wiki

This wiki is for general information related to hurling, the fine art of sending projectiles vast distances. For general hurling questions please go to TheHurl Message Board. For discussions about this site use the This Forum.

Hurling is a very fun and educational activity which teaches everything from math (basic through calculus) and physics to engineering to history. It can even inspire learning in technological fields such as web design and computer modeling or simulation. This site mainly has information intended for non-beginner hurlers but more information for different audiences is being added almost every day. If you have any requests for content on this site please let me know through the forums or through the contact page. I will likely get the requested information if I know it on a page in a day.
-Craig Macomber, your site Admin. The beginnings of this introduction can be found on our Introduction to Hurling page.

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